About The Christian Studies Center

The Christian Studies Center exists to provide
every college student with an opportunity to take thought-provoking classes with renowned Christian professors at affordable tuition rates and receive credits that transfer nationwide.

College is about getting a degree. But college shouldn’t ONLY be about getting a degree.

If you’re simply going to college to get a job when you graduate you’re missing out on one of the most important facets of what college should be. The college years are a time to ask some of the ‘big’ questions of life. Right vs. Wrong? Meaning of life? Suffering in the world? Finding answers to the big questions will impact how you live the rest of your life. The CSC exists to provide a space to ask these big questions and to see where God fits into these conversations.

Good conversations require good conversation partners. The CSC provides
great professors, conversational mentors who have spent years thinking, teaching and writing about the big questions of life.

At the CSC you can earn credits for your degree while asking life’s big questions. The CSC’s Summer Programs make it possible for you to get 3 hours of course credit in 2 weeks (and in some cases only 1 week). Our Spring and Fall term courses give you a chance to take one or two classes with the CSC while also taking classes at your home institution.

These aren’t classes you have to take. These are classes you want to take. Credits earned at the CSC can be used toward completing both major and general educational requirements. Our courses are designed for you, the student, to meet your degree requirements in areas of study that interest you.

Ask big questions. Earn credits. Study at the CSC.

Our Statement of Faith

Historically "Christian" has meant one belonging to the company of Christ. Someone who accepts that this world, however messy at times, began to be made right again when God came to earth, died on a cross, and was resurrected. A Christian was someone who said "yes" to this set of beliefs and then began to live differently as a result (with the help of the Holy Spirit). Today "Christian" may seem to mean less than it once did, but we take seriously what the word "Christian" is supposed to mean. Trinity. Incarnation. Atonement. Resurrection. We think these are more than just words, they're markers of ultimate reality. So if you want to know what we believe, well, we're Christian.

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