Tuition, Housing & Payment


A simple comparison to other education institutions shows the CSC's commitment to competitive tuition rates. The following chart shows the cost of a three credit hour course at a few major universities.




University of Michigan



Penn State University



University of South Carolina



Pepperdine University



George Washington University



The Christian Studies Center



*CSC tuition rates are equal for both in-state and out-of-state students
**Dollar figures listed are rounded totals for 2009-2010 tuition rates for a 3 credit hour course

Not only do we offer very affordable tuition, a majority of CSC students receive some form of scholarship aid directly from the CSC. Additionally, many students can use their financial aid packages (scholarships and loans) from their home institution to help pay for CSC classes.


The CSC seeks to provide a variety of affordable housing options for its students. Housing during the summer sessions is typically around $75 per week. Scholarships and loans can normally be used to help cover housing expenses. Students can indicate whether or not they would like for the CSC to provide housing in Lexington when registering for classes.

Paying for Classes

How you pay for CSC classes depends in part on your home institutions financial aid policies (see section below). After you've
registered for classes and applied for scholarships the CSC Admissions Office will send you an electronic notification detailing any scholarships you've been awarded. You can then complete the Transfer Credit Guarantee to determine transfer equivalencies at your home institution. Your next step is paying the non-refundable $100 registration deposit on the CSC billing page. The registration confirms that you are accepting your CSC scholarships, reserves a seat in all your courses, and is applied toward your CSC expenses. All remaining tuition must be paid prior to your first day in Lexington.

Financial Aid from Your Home Institution

Scholarships and financial aid typically transfer from your home institution to help cover the cost of CSC expenses. Financial aid offices at colleges around the country regularly assist students in taking classes at other schools (study abroad, summer classes at a community college back home, etc.) and they can readily help you in this routine process. Specific policies and procedures can vary from school to school. For instance, some schools will issue a check directly to you and then you issue payment to the CSC. Other schools will send a check directly to the CSC through our academic partner Asbury University. Check with your financial aid office to see how they typically handle these routine requests.

CSC Scholarships

The CSC offers tons of scholarships to help offset the already low cost of tuition. Students can apply online for every CSC scholarship in just ten minutes with one simple form. For more information and to apply for scholarships, check out the
scholarships page.

Send any inquiries regarding tuition and housing costs, financial aid, or scholarships to the
CSC Admissions Office.

"When I get a little money I buy books, and if any is left I buy food and clothes."

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