One form. Ten minutes. Loads of scholarships.

If you've already registered for classes, applying for scholarships is your next step.

We know money is tight. That's why we want to help make taking classes at the CSC as affordable as possible. We offer tons of scholarships to help offset the already low cost of tuition.

A majority of CSC students receive scholarships for academic merit and other qualifications.

Here are just a few of the numerous scholarships we offer:

Calvin Scholarship: John Calvin believed that God predestined some (seemingly at random) for heaven before their birth. This scholarship is awarded unconditionally (and totally at random) to cover tuition for one class.
Plato Scholarship: Plato was a pagan philosopher who devoted his life to seeking truth. This scholarship is awarded to students who aren't Christians but want to study Jesus' truth claims.
Chrysostom Scholarship: John Chrysostom was nicknamed the "golden-tongue" for his eloquent preaching style. Students willing to spread the word about the CSC on their college campus are eligible to receive this scholarship.

The Chrysostom scholarship is one of the easiest ways for incoming CSC students to offset the cost of tuition. Students need only complete a few simple tasks and they will receive the scholarship, reducing their their tuition fees by $200.
  • Send out facebook messages to your friends and post a link on your wall (we'll give you a basic template to adapt).
  • Put us in touch with your campus ministry/church.
  • Post five posters around campus.
  • Write a few letters to family and friends who may be interested in supporting the CSC for our 2011 Mailing Campaign.
  • Get a CSC tattoo (optional).

After registering for classes and submitting the Scholarship Application Form you will receive an electronic notification containing your CSC scholarship award package and your invoice for tuition and housing (if needed). You can then pay your $100 registration deposit, thereby accepting your scholarship award and reserving a seat in your classes. This deposit will be applied toward the total cost of your tuition.
Fill out the following form to be registered for every CSC scholarship. Filling out the form only takes about 10 minutes.

Please note: CSC scholarships for the Philosophy of C. S. Lewis (PHL 251) summer course are already included in the reduced tuition cost. Filling out the following scholarship application, while exciting and enjoyable, will not further reduce tuition costs.

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