The Process

Although transfering credits is a routine process for colleges and universities across the country, we understand that students may have many questions while signing up to take classes at the Christian Studies Center.  That's why we've come up with this easy checklist to help you along the process. These 8 steps represent the entire process for studying with the CSC, from becoming a student to having your credits earned automatically sent back to your home institution.  We recommend that you use this checklist to assist you in the process of taking classes with The Christian Studies Center.  If at any point along the way you have questions, please contact us at

1. Become a Student at the CSC

There is no application to become a student at the CSC.  If you are a student in good academic standing with an institution of higher education then you are automatically admitted to the CSC.  Go immediately to step 2.

2. Register for Classes  

Registering for classes is easy.  There's no fee to register and no obligation to take classes.  Simply submit the CSC registration form. If you're taking courses during our summer session, this is where you'll indicate whether or not you would like the CSC to provide you with affordable housing during your time in Lexington (approximately $75 per week). After registering, you will be prompted to apply for CSC scholarships.

3. Apply for Scholarships

Students apply for
 CSC scholarships by filling out one easy form.  It takes less than 10 minutes and makes you eligible to receive all CSC scholarships.  Most students who apply for scholarships are awarded some type of aid for academic merit and other considerations. Typically within 2 to 3 days after registering for classes and filling out the scholarship application you will receive a notification showing you which scholarship(s) you've been awarded. This notification verifies that your seat in the CSC course(s) has been reserved for 14 days.

4. Transfer Your Credit and Financial Aid

Transfer credit is a common part of college life.  This step ensures that your credits will transfer to your home institution.  Notify your home institution of your intent to take classes at the CSC and to get approval for how these courses fit into your degree plans by downloading and printing out your course syllabus and taking it to your registrar/advisor. Since CSC classes are accredited through SACS (the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), the primary accreditation agency for colleges and universities in the Southeastern United States, your registrar/advisor should be able to easily pre-approve your CSC classes to count towards your degree. For more info see our Transfer Credit Guarantee page.

Scholarships and financial aid typically transfer from your home institution to help cover the cost of CSC expenses. Financial aid offices at colleges around the country regularly help students take classes at other schools (study abroad, summer classes at a community college back home, etc.) and they can readily help you in this routine process. For instance, some schools will issue a check directly to you and then you issue payment to the CSC. Other schools will send a check directly to the CSC through our academic partner Asbury University. Check with your financial aid office to see how they typically handle these requests.

5. Put Down Your Registration Deposit

Within 14 days of receiving your scholarship notification you should complete the 3 steps for the Transfer Credit Guarantee and pay your $100 registration deposit.  The registration deposit is applied towards your total tuition and is your way of formally accepting CSC scholarships.  You can pay your deposit at
our secure online billing page. When you do, you will be asked to confirm that you've completed the steps for the Transfer Credit Guarantee or you can choose not to take advantage of the Guarantee.

6. Pay the Remainder of Your Bill

After paying your registration deposit a seat is guaranteed for your courses.  You now have until your first day of class in Lexington to pay all remaining CSC expenses. You can pay by check mailed to:

The Christian Studies Center 
502 Columbia Ave. 
Lexington, KY 40508

All checks should be made payable to The Christian Studies Center.  If you have any questions about tuition costs, payment, how your financial aid transfers, etc., please contact our financial office at

7. Take Classes

As soon as you register for classes you'll want to download your course syllabus from our
online schedule of classes.  This is especially key for summer courses as they usually require a modest amount of reading before your class begins.  You'll attend class at the CSC in Lexington: one or two weeks per course during the summer or three months during our 'abbreviated' Fall and Spring Semesters.  After summer classes end you have 4 weeks to finish up any remaining reading and course assignments. Spring and Fall term classes operate on a more standard course calendar with the coursework largely completed prior to the last day of class.

8. Receive Credit

Once all coursework is finished your professor will issue a grade, usually within 7-10 days of your assignments being completed.  After grades are assigned, your home institution will automatically be notified of your credits earned.

If you have questions about any of these steps don't hesitate to
contact us.

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